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Tortilla (Spanish Egg Meal)
Egg Meal
5 large Potatoes
2 onions
olive oil
black pepper
10 to 12 REAL FRESH eggs


Cut 5 big potatoes into 0.5 cm squares, do the same to the onion. Break eggs into large bowl and stir with salt and pepper and put aside. Crush the garlic and put in small dish for later. Heat up flat frying pan and add oil. Add onion and heat till onion becomes yellow not baked!! Add garlic then potatoes. Fry gently, not bake, until potatoes are done but not too soft. Turn off heat and add mixture to egg mixture. Mix well.

Heat up grill to maximum. Take flat frying pan (15-25 cm in diameter) and heat with a little olive oil. Add egg and potato mixture until almost the whole pan is filled. Fry gently until the bottom is sealed. Now place pan under grill until top is sealed. Use plate that fits, to turn over mixture and place back on low heat.

Bask like the inside soft and wet. So do not fry longer than 2-4 minutes. If you dont like soft egg inside, leave on heat for 4-6 minutes each side.

Enjoy your meal!!

Preparation Time: 20 min Serves: 4/6
Recipe Origin: Spain
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