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Tamilnadu's Special Ven Pongal
1 cup of Rice
1/4 cup of Moong dal
1/2- tbsp of jeera
1/2-1 tbsp of coarsely
ground peppercorns
Few broken Cashewnuts
Turmeric- pinch
Curry leaves- few
Ghee- 5tbsp
Salt to taste


Soak moong dal and rice for half an
Add the soaked rice and moong dal
to 4 cups of water, add pinch of
turmeric and season with salt.
Cook the rice and moong dal mixture
for 20 mins until soft.
Now take a pan and put ghee, fry
the broken cashew nuts until light
brown, keep aside.
To the hot ghee add jeera and
coarsely ground peppercorns, when
crackels add the curry leaves.
When the rice is cooked add the fried
cashew nuts and jeera, peppercorn
mixture along with the ghee.Mix well.

Serve it hot with Coconut Chutney
and Medu Vadai

Preparation Time: 30 Serves: 4
Recipe Origin: India
Submitted by:
Mythreyi Dilip
North Carolina
United States
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