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Scampi omelette
2 eggs
1-2 tbsps Sesame oil
6 raw, frozen Scampi
1 tbsp milk
1 tsp powdered mustard
salt, pepper


This recipe presupposes lack of foresight, meaning that the Scampi is taken out of the freezer only as you commence the preparation of the dish. We will attempt to turn this to our advantage.

Make the omelette mixture: Beat two eggs with the milk and mustard powder, salt and pepper to taste, but easy on the pepper.

Let cold water run over the Scampi until half defrosted. Heat up the sesame oil in a small skillet until very hot. Put in the scampi, let fry until slightly pink on non-frying side. Turn, and fry on the other side until done.

Remove the scampi from the skillet. Pour the oil and frying juices from the Scampi into a frying pan. Reheat to high temperature, then add omelette mixture. It should be thinly spread enough to complete frying without being turned in the pan.

When the omelette is close to done (according to taste, but at a minimum still moist on surface), spread the Scampi around one half of it, and flip the other half over it. Slide to plate, let rest for a minute or two before eating.

Basic stuff, but the method produces a number of slightly unusual characteristics with a killer overall effect - a firm but juicy egg texture from the combination of high temperature, short period of frying and an unusually small amount of added liquid, a wonderful complementarity between the powdered mustard and the crunchy-fried shrimp - and above all marvellous colour, aroma and taste from the sesame oil and shrimp juices seeping into the omelette.

Don't use more than 2 eggs per omelette - it won't work well.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes Serves: 1
Recipe Origin: Norway
Submitted by:
Kjetil Aasland

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