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Ultimate Energy Smoothie
This is a smoothie that gives you a health kick
1.Tropicana No-Pulp Orange Juice
2.15 Blueberries
3.11 Green Grapes
4.1/7 of a Pineapple
5. One Banana
7.Aloe (optional)


First, pour Tropicana No-Pulp Orange Juice into a blender and stir for a minute. Then, add ten blueberries, eight green grapes, and half the amount of pineapple you cut. Next, close the blender cap and press chop, crumb, smoothie, or milkshake mode. Keep the button pressed until you see that all the fruit is gone and mixed in with the orange juice. Your smoothie will be a shade or two lighter than the orange juice. Now, add five blueberries, three green grapes, and the rest of the pineapple. Also cut one whole banana and put it in. After that, close the cap again and either put it in chop, crumb, smoothie, or milkshake mode. Then stir once again. Also add little ice and put your blender in smoothie mode.
(Optional) Now you can add aloe, to help you diet, and put the blender in chop, crumb, smoothie, or milkshake mode, or drink your Ultimate Energy Smoothie!

Preparation Time: Five Minutes Serves: 2-3 people
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Rebecca Reba A.
New Jersey
United States
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