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TEA - Some Varieties
A Few Varieties of Tea
Tea is an universal beverage. Originating in China, Tea has spread to all corners of the world and is prepared in hundreds of different ways. Tea contains theophylline which is stronger than caffeine and theobromine which is less stronger than caffeeine. Tea has many unproven health claims such as its capacity in stopping of alzheimer and parkinson diseases. Tea is also said to be anti-cancer, anti- multiple sclerosis and has negative effects on LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and positive effects on HDL cholesterol. Besides China the leading tea producing countries are India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Indonesia.

Different Tea Powders.
Sweeteners (sugars etc).
Different spices such as cardamoms, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and so on.
Lime juice.


Oolong Tea :- This is Chinese traditional tea. Oxydised curled tea leaves are generally used. Two teaspoons of tea leaves per one cup of water are taken and gently simmered on low flame for two to three minutes. In urban areas sugar is the sweetener while in rural areas brown sugar is used.

Black Tea:- One teaspoon of tea powder added to one cup of freshly boiled water and steeped for few minutes. Black tea is also called crimson tea due to the color. Milk may or may not be added. When added, milk is said to prevent vascular protective effects of the tea. Some may like to add few drops of lemon juice. Sugar is common sweetener.

Green Tea:- Minimal oxidised green tea leaves are used. Some times fresh leaves may also be used. In the preparation of green tea, the tea leaves are added to the freshly boiled water and steeped until green tea extract is obtained. Sugar is used as sweetener.

Masala Chai:- This preparation is mostly confined to Indian sub-continent though of late masala chai is offered in some European countries also. This is a blend of tea powder, milk, sugar and some spices. Usually ginger, cinnamon powder, cardamom are used. Nutmeg, cloves, pepper corns etc may also be used to make tea more spicy. All put in water and boiled until a strong decoction is obtained. Sweetened with sugar, masala tea tastes prime.

Cold Tea:- Tea, ice and milk are blended well and topped with whipped cream makes the cold tea famous in US and in some European countries.

These are just a few leading Tea preparations.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes Serves:
Recipe Origin: India
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