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Korean rice drink
1 cup of Barley malt (dried and pounded barley germ called yotkirum, available in Korean stores); 2 cups of rice (the ratio of rice and barley malt is 2:1); sugar for tasting (you may use Splenda); water; pine nuts if desired; rice cooker and large pot for boiling.

I've been purchasing the canned Shikhye from supermarkets but none of the brands taste as good as home made, so when I finally decided to get the recipe from my grandmother it was so easy!

1. Soak the barley malt in water (use as much water as your rice cooker can hold or 6 cups of water) for 2-3hrs (the longer the soak the stronger the taste, you may cut down the soak time but make sure the malt is completely sinked to the bottom of the container), may reuse same malt a few times (but I don't recommend more than 2-3 times since the flavor will not be as strong.)

2. After a few hours when barley malt sinks to the bottom of the container, remove the fermented water only- careful not to stir up the malt. On this step I recommend to use more water than necessary, so when you extract the fermented water you don't disturb the malt. After removing the fermented water, discard the used barley malt.

3. While the malt is being fermented, cook the rice. Once the rice is done and the malt had plenty of time to ferment, pour the extracted malt water in the rice cooker and in the -keep warm- stage leave it for approx. 3hrs or until the rice floats to the surface.

4. Once the rice floats to surface, pour all the contents in a large pot and boil for a few minutes. A white foam will raise to the surface, discard this and turn off the heat. Add sugar.

5. Let the pot cool and then refrigerate. Add pine nuts when serving.

Preparation Time: 6hrs Serves: 2liters
Recipe Origin: Korea
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United States
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