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Sangria Recipe
Sangria is a recipe for red wine that requires several ingredients, as well as some time to chill, but it’s worth the work. For a twist, substitute white wine for the red and add grapes and limes along with the other fruit.

One bottle of red wine (you can use any kind that you like, but you may prefer a “lighter” red instead of a heavy Burgundy)
One lemon, sliced into wedges
One orange, sliced into wedges
2 Tbls. white granulated sugar
One shot (1 ounce) brandy
2 cups club soda (use ginger ale if you’d like a zingier taste)


Pour your wine in a pitcher and squeeze the juice from your orange and lemon wedges into it.
Throw the remaining fruit wedges in, and then add the sugar and brandy.

Place in the refrigerator overnight or until cool. You may add ice cubes if you want to chill it, but this will dilute the sangria.

Add the club soda immediately before you serve it so it doesn’t become flat.

Preparation Time: 15 mins Serves: 2-4
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Stain Warrior
United States
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