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Homemade Iced Coffee
1/3 cup of ground coffee (decaf or caffeinated as desired)
2 cups cold filtered water (or from tap)
2 tablespoons fat free or light flavored creamer (like vanilla) or 4 tablespoons low-fat milk or fat-free half and half


Add about 1/3 cup of ground coffee and 2 cups of cold water into the French press and let it sit overnight or all day.
Push the top down on the French press to separate the coffee from the grounds and pour 1 cup of the coffee into each tall glass.
Stir a tablespoon of a fat-free flavored non-dairy creamer (like vanilla) or 2 tablespoons of low- fat milk into each glass. Add a bunch of ice to each glass and enjoy!

Preparation Time: Serves: 2
Recipe Origin: United States
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