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Caesar - Hutch's Perfect
Personalized Variation of Bloody Caesar
1.5 oz Vodka or White Rum
Clam Juice Cocktail Mix (regular, not spicy)
Worcestershire Sauce
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Celery Salt
Small Lemon Wedge
Salted Cucumber Slices and/or Salted Celery Stick


Fill a tall glass with ice.
Add Vodka.
Top up with Clam Juice Cocktail Mix.

Add two or three dashes of Worcestershire Sauce, two or three dashes of Louisiana Hot Sauce and several liberal shakes of celery salt.

(Add more or less of the above ingredients to taste)

Stir together thoroughly. Squeeze a drop or two of lemon juice on top and dust lightly with a bit more celery salt. Rim glass with the lemon wedge before placing it on the side of the glass with the other garnishes.

Garnish with a celery stick and/or a couple slices of cucumber rounds. For a very special presentation garnish with a large, chilled and shelled, jumbo shrimp with a lemon slice.

As good as Tabasco Sauce is in many drinks, Louisiana Hot Sauce is better suited for this one as it has a sweeter hot flavour. Likewise, regular clam cocktail juice, rather than the spicy variety, allows seasoning to individual liking.

For the uninitiated, clam juice cocktail mixes do not taste like clams or fish or mollusk/fish juices. They are primarily reconstituted tomato paste with various seasonings and spices, including a small amount of dried clam powder.

This drink is refreshing and light, unlike a heavy and thick Bloody Mary.

Preparation Time: Serves: 1
Recipe Origin: Canada
Submitted by:
Ron Hutchinson
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