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Mince N Tatties
Ground Beef and Mashed Potatoes
1lb ground beef
3 carrots
1/2 bag frozen peas
1/2 medium onion
4 potatoes
package brown gravy mix.
1/4 cup milk
2-3 tablespoons butter


Cut up potatoes. Place in large pot, cover with water, add a pinch of salt. Set to boil.

Chop onion. Chop carrots.

Brown beef and onion in skillet. Drain off the fat. Add about 3/4 cups water, chopped carrots, and peas. Simmer for about 10 minutes, mix the gravy mix with the rest of the water called for in gravy mix instructions.

When potatoes are tender, drain them and mash with milk, butter, and a little salt and pepper.

Serve beef mixture over mashed potatoes.

If you want to get fancy, you can add your own choice of spices to beef when browning it. I like a little oregano and garlic. Instead of fresh carrots and frozen peas, you can use one bag of frozen peas and carrots - saves time and maybe a little money.

Heck, if you don't like peas and carrots, use whatever veggies you want.

Preparation Time: 45 Serves: 3
Recipe Origin: United States
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United States
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