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Liver n' Onions, Cajun-Style
Smothered Beef Liver, in Brown Onion &Garlic Gravy
1lb. beef liver, fresh or frozen, don't matter
Onions, white, about 2 large
garlic powder
onion powder
Gravy flour, (Finely ground)
Olive oil
Cavenders Seasoning (No Substitute allowed)
6 Chicken Boullion cubes
1 cup Rice, Steamed
2 Large Potatoes, naked 'n cut into long oval slices


From the Belile Estate Kitchens
Liver n' Onions
Firefly's Cajun Style

The way to go for sure!
If using frozen liver, thaw, if fresh go ahead. Heat in a large skillet about 5 Tbls. olive oil, when hot apply some seasoned and dredged liver to that. Ha! What is seasoned, what is dredged, you say! Well listen close and I'll tell ya! Take them Livers and put that on a platter, flat side down, take them cavenders and coat them livers good, heavier than you pepper eggs, then repeat with them garlic powder, not salt you red neck, and then repeat with them onion powder. Question-Can you put too much, Not hardly as the liver will only hold so much, understand. Now shake a plate full of gravy flour, Pilsbury make some good stuff, and lay them liver onto the flour, seasoned side down. Now repeat them steps to season the liver on the bare side and turn 'em over, sash to coat the other side. Kepp turning them until no wet spots show up. Now take them dredged livers and gently put them in the oil. Fry them until light brown and then turn them over. As soon as you are finished, take them liver out of the oil and place them on a plate to cool. Now in them oil in the skillet, shake them flour from the platter (dredge) and put them in the skillet to brown, this is called a rue. As them flour browns dark, slice up them onion to make a bunch of rings, put half in the rue when it be dark enough and saute until tender. Then add about two cups of water and stir. When boiling gently, turn down the flame and simmer. Add them liver and them remaining onions on top. Stir gently and cover and simmeruntil them onions wilt. Now add them potatoes just like a stew and simmer until soft and tender!

Serve over Hot Rice and Enjoy! Guess What? Bet no liver tang, there sash, Firefly done good, eh!

Preparation Time: 1hr Serves: 4-6
Recipe Origin: United States
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United States
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