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Koofteh Berenji (Meatballs with Rice)
Iranian Meatballs with Rice
100g Basmati or Long Grain Rice
500g ground beef or lamb
100g Chick-pea flour
500g spring onion ends
500g parsley
500g common dill
500g sweet fennel
500g mint
500g tarragon
3 Eggs
100g Split-peas
3-4 onions
0.5 cups cooking oil
2-3 spoons of turmeric (or tomato paste)
black pepper
100g barberries
100g walnuts


Koofteh-Berenji is a delicious ball of meat, rice, and herbs with extra goodies inside. Cook rice in some water with a bit of salt until it softens. Filter out the water. Do the same to split-peas.

Mix rice, split-peas, chick-pea flour, meat, eggs, salt, and pepper very well. Cut the herbs very finely and mix in with the rest. Chop the onions and fry in oil until golden. Save some of the fried onions. Add 5-6 glasses of water to the rest of the onions with a bit of salt, pepper, and turmeric (or tomato paste) and bring to a boil.

Make balls about the size of an orange from the mix, leaving a bit of barberries, walnuts, and fried onions at the center. Place the balls in the boiling water and cook for a few minutes. Then continue cooking at low temperature until the koofteh is completely cooked. Make sure the container is not covered during cooking.

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Preparation Time: Serves:
Recipe Origin: Iran
Submitted by:
Farzin Mokhtarian

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