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Ancho Pepper Steak
Naturally Sweet and Spicy Steak!
4 New York Strip Steaks, trimmed
8 tsp. Ancho Chile Powder, divided
1 cup Worcestershire Sauce, divided
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
Sea Salt


Trim and dry steaks, and place into a 13x9x2 dish for easy marination and airing. Ensure that you do not flip the steaks during the season/preparation process unless told to do so.

Salt the steaks enough to create a dusting of salt, but not so much that it doesn't dissolve into the meat almost immediately.

Pepper the steaks fairly heavily - not enough to create a pepper crust, but enough to establish the flavoring.

Sprinkle 1 tsp Ancho Chile Powder on each steak. Using your fingers, rub the salt, pepper, and ancho powder into the steaks. Flip the steaks and repeat.

Now, using approximately 1 oz. per steak per side, drizzle the steaks with Worcestershire sauce. Remember - this isn't baking, so precise measurements aren't necessary. Go with what feels or tastes right.

Allow steaks to air in the dish for about 20 minutes, having heated up the grill to cook them to your taste.

I've found that a weak (just below) Medium or a strong (just above) Medium Rare works best with this seasoning strategy.

Preparation Time: 1 hour Serves: 4
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Brennan Breeland
United States
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