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Tikka Masala Paneer
Fried Cubes of Marinated Indian Cheese
1/4 lb of Paneer (Indian Cheese)
4 Tbls. Tandoori Masala seasoning
2 Tsp. Garlic Salt
2 Tsp. Corn Flour
1 Tbls. Plain Flour
2 cups Water

If you can't get paneer then it may be possible to substitute Feta cheese


Cube the Paneer and place in a suitable bowl, mix half of the tandoori masala seasoning and all Garlic Salt together with enough water to cover the paneer and leave to marinade for as long as you can (up to 24 hours).

When the cheese has been thoroughly marinated mix the corn flour, plain flour and remaining tandoori masala powder in a bowl.

Remove the paneer cubes from the marinade and drain off any excess liquid, roll each cube in the flour mix and fry in a hot frying pan for about ten minutes, turning frequently to avoid sticking.

Serve with a salad garnish, mango chutney, lime pickle or a mint and cucumber raita (plain yoghurt with mint and cucumber mixed in).

Preparation Time: 30 minutes Serves: 2-4
Recipe Origin: India
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United Kingdom
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