Prime Rib
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Author:  allendavis [ Thu Nov 24, 2005 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Prime Rib

I'm not a first-timer at preparing prime rib at home, but I've never had the success I wanted.

I love slow-roasting from beginning to end at about 225° even if it takes more time. But I'm only cooking for me. My wife only eats fish and chicken, etc.

I just bought a BONELESS rib roast that weighed 7 lbs., and I cut in in half so that I have two roasts that weigh only 3-1/2 lbs. each.

I have several questions.

1. With my marinate and rub mix at 225°, how long should I actually roast this thing just to achieve minimum RARE levels (I'd eat beef raw if my wife would let me)? I was thinking 14-17 minutes per-pound.

I will have guests that prefer their meat more cooked, so I was planning on putting the au jus in a sauce pan and bringing it up to a mild simmer to cook their steaks to the done level they want.

2. On my last attempt, I didn't have nearly enough au jus, even though I cooked my roast slowly. Is it cheating to use the powdered au jus stuff? I've done it before, and no one seemed to notice. I just added it to the real stuff I had.

3. What is the proper ratio of real 100% horseradish to sour cream for a farily strong sauce in addition to the au jus??? 50/50 is way too mild. 75% horseradish to the sour cream is what I like, but still too strong for most other people.

To me, having a nice prime rib dinner is like a preview to going to heaven. All you need besides the prime rib is a nice dry wine along with a salad of organic greens that has a scattering of boiled eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, goat cheese crumbles with "Meditterian" herbs and Marzetti's Bacon Ranch dressing. Baked potato is optional, depending on your cholesterol levels and limits.

Just for everyone's info, I live for life. We only live one time. And our lives are short. I don't drink cheap beer, or cheap wine unless it is inexpensive. I'm fairly slim and trim at 47 years of age. My cholesterol level is only 200. And I eat recipes like it's candy. I don't eat any sugar to speak of.

MEAT AND POTATOES (or rice). That's me.

Please advise me.

I have at least 14 recipes for prime rib that I've never seen before, and they all look good, but I'm not sure I want to vary from.

Most especially I don't want the "sear the meat first at 450° first" thing. Jeez, that screws all my theories and recipes up.

I just want advice.

I especially welcome private e-mail replies.


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